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Carnival goes virtual in Hackney

Hackney Council is supporting Hackney based Carnival groups to produce video material, which Global Carnivalz Digital team will upload for social media interactiveness. Hackney Council contracted a team of Curators to develop the artistic content of the programme (films) with the groups. The Curators are Marva Antoine, Deb Global, Manuela Benin and our CEO Pax [...]

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Virtual Carnival in Oxford

With these challenging times ahead the Cowley Road Carnival has put together plans for a Virtual Carnival on the 5th of July 2020. They are also running a series of carnival at home activities. Click for more info

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Global Carnivalz COVID Page

Global Carnivalz Ltd is aware of the inconvenience and disruption this COVD 19 has caused in the carnival sector as each week we see more and more carnivals being cancelled or postponed. We have created a page where we will keep you informed and direct you to various online digital carnival experiences being offered. Stay safe!

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